Saint Peter church

Text by Ermanno Gardinali

A real jewel of Romanic art, St. Peter’s church dates back to the 1125-1150 period. In the 60’s it underwent a refurbishment that restored its original architectural style. It is worth noting the terracotta of the portal and the inner frescos, spread on the pillars and apse, which colourfully depict some of the most relevant Gospel representations. In the semicircular vault of the church you can admire a simplified version of the Bible intended for illiterate people, featuring Christ the Saviour, surrounded by the four Evangelists, St. Peter depicted with keys, St. Peter from Verona and St. John the Baptist. St. Peter’s church is often referred to as the typical expression of the Romanic Art, in History of art books and in the Italian Touring Club (a non-profit cultural organization). Based on documents from the 13th century, we know that near the church there was a hospital, used by the pilgrims along the Via Francigena, who did not stop at the St. Valerian’s monastery.